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PUTRAJAYA : Putra Mosque

Putra Mosque the pink building is opposite Perdana Putra.

The Putra Mosque is the biggest mosque in Putrajaya, and one of its most prominent landmarks. Sitting as if afloat on Putrajaya Lake. From the Cruise Terminal this place reminds you to somewhere in Turkey or an old Indian Muslim Palace.
Putra Mosque is named in honor of our former and first Prime Minister of Malaysia Almarhum (The Late) Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al–Haj.
It is one of the top symbols in Putrajaya which is located beside ‘Dataran Perdana’ and in front of ‘Putrajaya Lake’.

The construction of this mosque began in June 1997 at the cost of MYR 250 million. It took 2 years to complete the building of the mosque.
This mosque was build based on two concepts which are ‘Middle East’ and ‘Malay Tradition’.

Putra Mosque's Islamic-architecture artistically blends traditional designs, local craftsmanship and the use of indigenous materials.
Incorporating Malaysian, Persian and Arab-Islamic architectural designs, the main entrance to the mosque is fashioned in the likeness of public building gates in Muslim Persia.

The Prayer Hall
The Prayer Hall is simple and elegant and supported by 12 columns that prop up the 36-meter diameter main dome.
I like the simplicity of this hall. As it’s not too distracting with luxurious crystal chandelier which some mosque has to try to outdo each other.
The mimbar (pulpit) and mehrab (niche that denotes the direction of Mecca) are adorned with khat or Islamic calligraphy

The main prayer hall can accommodate up to 10,000 peoples which divided into 2 levels. The first level is reserved for female worshippers.

Headline : The Courtyard

The courtyard can provide another 2000 worshippers.
The "Sahn" or courtyard is landscaped with decorative water features and bordered by colonnades. The minaret is 116m tall - the tallest in the region.
The building was constructed mainly with rose-tinted granite, offset by brown-stained cengal woodwork to enhance the decorative features on the doors, windows and panels.

Besides the function as a place of worshipping. Putra mosque has a library with 10193 book, dining hall and lecture hall.

Tip: Dress code to enter a mosque.
For a man:

~ any shirt is not a problem.

~please pay attention on your pants. Ankle level long trouser is a must to enter the place.

For the lady:

~ any head scarf to cover your hair is a must.
~ please wear clothes that cover your wrist (long sleeve shirt) and skirt or pants should be ankle length.
However, the good news is, robes to cover your head and body is provided at this mosque.

Best time to visit this mosque is in the evening as it is more cooling . Besides more people will visit the Putrajaya Square around this time.

Most of them bring drinks and foods here, which created the picnic atmosphere at this place.

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